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Power10 was started out of a simple desire to bring an added level of customer service and support to our customers. We are excited to be partnered with manufacturers who make customer service a number one priority!


A Power 10 is a strategic rowing term. It is a call for all rowers to do ten of their best, most powerful strokes in order to pull ahead of the competition.


APCT is the largest independently owned printed circuit board manufacturer in North America.  Technologies include standard through-hole; Advanced HDI; and Flex & Rigid-Flex product. Certifications support both commercial & military work.  A diverse & well mixed list of markets are served: Defense & Aerospace, Semiconductor, Medical, Telecommunications and Industrial.  Corporate cycle times are consistently faster than industry standards and premium quick-turn capabilities are World-Class.  All North America factories manufacture prototype to mid-production orders and full-scale production solutions are offered by a variety of our offshore partnerships through the division of APCT Global.

ChromeLED Corporation is an ISO certified LED solution provider for the electronic industry. Our primary focus is to service customers globally by manufacturing innovative products with competitive cost while maintaining our quality standard. With extensive product selection, ChromeLED offers SMD LEDs, PLCC LEDs, Through-hole LEDs, displays and LED lighting solutions. For the past decade, we have supplied cost effective solutions around the world. Our full line of products continue to expand contour towards LED market demands.

Global Connector Technology Limited (GCT) is a leading supplier of standard and custom interconnect products. Our focus is on the supply of reliable high-quality connectors and cable assemblies.  GCT leverages extensive worldwide resources to meet customer needs at local, regional and global levels. We have well-established sales, product development and manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas; GCT can support you wherever you design—wherever you manufacture.

Precision Swiss Products has been producing quality products since 1974, primarily serving the medical device, semiconductor, and aerospace industries. We specialize in tight tolerances, difficult materials, complex geometries, and superior finishes. PSP is ISO 13485 and AS9100 Rev D registered.

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Power10 Sales is a manufacturers rep. firm located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We represent companies supporting the electronics industry; specifically, printed circuit boards, sheet metal and components. Power10 focuses on providing sales support to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, CA and Southern CA. Learn More

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